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  • Global Boiler Service offers a wide range of services for boilers, burners, control systems, Inert Gas systems and Incinerators.
  • The service attendance will be followed up by a report stating work done, findings, outstanding tasks, flue gas measurements etc
  • We welcome Crew members to follow our Engineers during the attendance.

Burner Adjustment

  • Global Boiler Service offers adjustment, service and repair to all types and fabricates of burners.Our engineers has large hands on experience with the various makers and  types of burners available on the market.
  • Combustion adjustment is carried out by use of flue gas measurements and visual inspection. All our flue gas analysers are calibrated on frequent basis to ensure correct adjustment.
  • Flue gas measurements will be included in the final report.
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system

Automation – Service / Fault finding

  • Global Boiler Service is specialized  automation check, alarm check, fault finding and repair of boiler control systems
  • We service all makers and all types of control systems and can in most cases also supply spares as needed.
  • Our Service Engineers has years of experience with fault finding in electrical and mechanical automation systems.
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system

Automation – Upgrades/modifications

  • Global Boiler Service offers various upgrades and modifications to burners and control systems, I.e:
    • Low Sulphur Upgrades
    • Replacement/upgrade of process controllers
    • Replacement/modification of actuators and positioners
    • Installation of AC-drives
    • Modifications to meet Your specific needs
  • When required, we send all documentation to Class for pre-approval. We will also handle the onboard testing with Class surveyor.
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system
Complete Boiler Control system

Service Agreement

  • Global Boiler Service offers our customers the benefit of a service agreement, which includes regular service visits onboard your vessel. Frequency of the visits depending on condition/vessel needs.
  • During the visit we will check the boilers on all safety and operation functions. You will after the visit receive a full report concluding which state your boiler plant is in. Our SE will also collect all documentation available to ensure we can offer the best support possible.
  • The final report will give you as a customer a full overview regarding spares, repairs and maintenance needed in the future for your boiler plant.
  • Items checked during annual survey:
    • Feedwater control and alarm system checked
    • Pressure control system checked
    • Combustion checked and adjusted if necessary
    • Alarms and warnings tested live
    • Burner inspected and cleaned
    • Control valves and positioners checked and calibrated
    • Control cabinets inspected
  • If it is time for Class Survey it could be beneficial to combine this with a service visit. The test will be completed by our Service Engineer in cooperation with Class.
  • We will keep records of visited vessels and keep you informed when it is time for the next scheduled visit.

PDI – Pre Docking  Inspection

  • Global Boiler Service recommends vessel owners to have a PDI of Boilers, Economizers, Burners and control systems conducted in advance of a scheduled Dry Dock period.The obvious reason is to avoid “last minute” surprises and repairs which very quickly can become expensive and perhaps cause delays.
  • We offer a complete inspection of furnace and pressure part, boiler mountings, regulating valves, burner and control system.
  • The attendance will be followed up by a report stating all work done, findings and suggestions.

Technical Support

  • Global Boiler Service offers our customers, the best available technical support.
  • At Global Boiler Service we know that many expensive service visits can be avoided with the correct guiding. We are ready to by the phone and mail to guide you through boiler issues, and of course we are ready to join your vessel with short notice if service attendance is necessary.
  • Global Boiler Service technicians are ready to answer your questions by:
    phone: +45 70 277 170
    and by mail:

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Global Boiler Service is your first choice when it comes to boiler service.
No matter if your boiler is running steam, hot water or thermal oil, Global Boiler service is the expert to call.

Global Boiler Service has some of the worlds best trained technicians. All with many years of hands on experience with boiler controls and boiler inspections.

No matter if your need is urgent onboard service, classification or retrofit, Global Boiler Service should be your first choice.

Our great knowledge regarding all types of burneres and control systems makes Global Boiler Service an unique partner when it comes to secure and stable boiler function.