April 6th – 2020


Due to the latest statement from the Danish Government announced on April 6th, our workshops will remain closed until May 10th 2020.
Spare Parts are still available and the Spare Parts Department is in full operation.

COVID-19 status and precautions – UPDATE

Good day

Our efforts to continue our services onboard vessels are becoming increasingly difficult as travel restrictions are enforced around the world.

At this time, we are limited to local attendance in Denmark, Singapore, Dubai and China. Unfortunately we cannot offer to travel as our personnel is met with quarantines on arrival and on return to home.

Spare parts are still available and the Spares Parts Department is still in operation. So far we have only seen minor delays in delivery time caused by partially closed borders and restricted flight availability.

As already announced, Global Boiler is following instructions given by the Governments where we are residing. This means that our offices has been operated with reduced staff and those who have been able to work from home has done so etc.

We are now taking additional steps. As of today 20-03-2020 we are closing down our workshops, initially until April 14th 2020. Our work force is send home on leave.

Our mails and phone lines are of cause still open for support and guidance – please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact details:

Common email: SERVICE@globalboiler.com
Spares email: SPARES@globalboiler.com
Phone 24/7: +45 70 277 170
Global Boiler Service A/S

Common email: SERVICE@globalboiler.com
Phone 24/7: +45 29 100 300
Global Boiler Aalborg A/S

Best Regards

Global Boiler
Svenstrup, Denmark

Marts 13 – 2020

COVID-19 status and precautions

Good day

Even though the Danish government yesterday announced initiatives to minimize the infection of Covid-19, Global Boiler aims to continue business as usual. However we will of course follow the instructions given by the Danish Government.

Global Boiler have taken below precautions in order to minimize the risk of spreading the virus and we fully recognise the importance of the situation. We all have to take care of each other!

  • All personnel with the possibility to work from home has been asked to do so for an initial period of 2 weeks.
  • All visits to our companies and work shops will be postponed.
  • Our Sales Managers will stop their travel activity. Meetings with Customers will be conducted via phone/skype/email instead.
  • In our production “teams” are separated and coffee/lunch breaks are also held separately.
  • Our Workshop is in full production with existing orders and still taking in new orders.
  • All goods for delivery will be landed outside and taken in after delivery.
  • Body temperature is measured daily and people are send home if any signs of illness is observed.

As always, we aim to service and support our customers in best possible way via our Service and Repair stations in Denmark, Dubai, Singapore, Houston and Shanghai. This means that we will continue to assist as best possible. At the same time, we also want to protect our staff  below measures are taken:

  • Our Service and Repair personnel are instructed to take extra precautions when traveling.
  • Travel activity for service/repair is restricted to critical cases and restrictions from countries worldwide are followed.
  • Focused support via email will become available as an alternative.

Our Spare Parts Department has increased our stock on critical and “fast moving” items. However, we are expecting delays from our suppliers.

Delivery time on stocked items are not expected to be affected. So far we have not received information indicating delays from the transportation companies.

We hope for your understanding and support in above measures.

Please also understand, that above is subject to change. We are following the instructions from the Danish Government and will update our precautions accordingly.

Global Boiler
Svenstrup, Denmark