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Service agreement

Global Boiler Service offers our customers the benefit of a service agreement, which includes one annual service visit onboard your vessel. This means that in the future you can avoid the costs and agony caused by malfunctioning boilers.

During the annual visit we will check the boilers on all safety and operation functions. You will after the visit receive a full report concluding which state your boiler plant is in.

The visit report will give you as a customer a full overview regarding spares, repairs and maintenance needed in the future for your boilerplant.

Items checked during annual survey:

  • Feedwater control and alarm system checked

  • Pressure control system checked

  • Combustion checked and adjusted if necessary

  • Alarms and warnings tested live

  • Burner inspected and cleaned

  • Control valves and positioners checked and calibrated

  • Control cabinets inspected

Fixed price without any extras:

A Global Boiler Service service agreement is offered at a fixed price. This means that you as a costumer will know the exact price to get full overview of what condition your boiler plant is in.

If it is time for Class test it would be beneficial to combine this with a servide visit from Global Boiler Service. If there are no repairs to be done to the plant, a full scale test with Class can be done without any extra costs.

Global Boiler Service is at your service for repairs and changes if any should be found needed. We will deliver a full report, and included in this you will be given an estimate of the costs. Then it will be up to you to decide who you prefer to handle the repairs.

Global Boiler Service offers you as a customer to be part of our unique service agreement system. We will keep track of when it is time for annual visit on all of the vessels included in the agreement. And we will arrange all traveling and accomodation issues. 

In fact the only thing you need to do, is to give us the schedules for your vessels and we will arrange accordingly.