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Global Boiler Service offers service and repair of roto cup burners of all fabricates, and we are experts on Saacke and KB roto cup burners. Our technicians have a very high experience in all types of burners and control systems, and roto cup burners are part of our core business.

Like with pressure and steam atomizing burners, roto cup burners demands frequent service and maintenance to avoid poor combustion and large repair expences. Global Boiler Service technicians have a long practical experience in adjustment and repair of roto cup burners.

Even though roto cup burners are the most ignition reliable burner on the market there is a lot of maintenance to obtain to avoid wind box fire, poor combustion and expencive repair.


The air supply for a roto cup burner is quite complex and it is very important to ensure the optimum primary, secondary and tertiary air supply.  Often poor air adjustment is the direct cause for soot fires in the wind box or the uptake and also damages to the boiler furnace and uptake.

Cup and cup scroud need freauently checking to avoid soot build up and risk of fire in wind box.

Often worn out bearings for the roto cup have caused damages to cup and scroud with poor combustion and large repair expences as a result.
Global Boiler Service is the expert to call for service and repair of roto cup burners.