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Relay Control


Global Boiler Service has the highest educated technicians in the world when it comes to relay controlled burner management systems. Our technicians has many years of practical experience in fault finding and optimizing of relay controlled burner management. This makes Global Boiler Service the obvious choice when your boiler system needs service or maintenance.

Often relay controlled systems are of older date, and it takes a lot of experience to understand the combination of relay control together with controllers for water level, oil pressure, steam pressure and media flow.

These controllers are often very complexe and it takes a lot of experience to adjust or program these for optimum boiler run. This experience comes by default when you choose to order a Global Boiler Service technician. Our techniciands always bringes with them software and hardware for online configuration of controllers, together with all needed tools for faultfinding on relaycontrolled systems. Global Boiler Service are experts on: Siemens DR-20, Siemens DR-21, Siemens DR-24, Yokogava, PMA KS controllers, etc.

If your old relay controlled system is in a state where it would be beneficial to exchange it with a new one, GLobal Boiler Service can supply you with any solution you would prefer. We can make exchange of your old system as simple 1:1 or as retrofit with a new PLC based solution.

Of course we will deliver all drawings and documentation sufficient for at Class approval. And no cotrol cabinet leaves our workshop without a full scale functions test.

Global Boiler Service is offering the opportunity to exchange parts of your relay controlled system.

In example we can exchange your old on off controlled water level control system with a new continuos system. Either based on a controlvalve and continued pump run, or frequency controlled pump run, for optimum water level control and minimum power consumption.

Cabinets with very expencive components, like i.e. green, red and blue boxes can be converted for more cost efficient components by Global Boiler Service.

No matter which cabinet your burner management system is based on, Global Boiler Service can supply you with service and manintenance, and our technicians are ready to serv you with very short response time.