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Pressure atomizing burners


Global Boiler Service is the expert to call when pressure atomizing burners of all types need service or repair. We are very experienced in pressure atomizing burners from among others: Weishaupt, Oilon, Saacke and Monarch.

Pressure atomizing burners are the most common burner type worldwide because of its compact design it needs much less engine room space than rotation cup burners and steam atomising burners.

Even  though the pressure atomizing burner is rather simple in its design and everything is situated in the same area, there are a number of often found faults on these burners. In example we will mention: flame fault as result of poor electrodes, bad combustion as result of changes in air supply.


The compact design of pressure atomizing burners sets very high demands to adjustment of difuser plates and air vanes to ensure clean combustion and stable flame.
Global Boiler Service is the expert to call when your pressure atomizing burner need service or repair.