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PLC Control


Global Boiler Service is front runner when it comes to PLC based burner management and our technicians can solve any problem you might have with your PLC controlled BMS. Our skilled technicians have many years of practical experience in PLC based BMS. 

There is a lot of ships in service today with partly PLC based boiler controls, and Global Boiler Service knows these systems inside out.

We at Global Boiler Service find that PLC is the ultimate solution for boiler control. The large machine power on a small area gives many advantages. When you order a new control cabinet at Global Boiler Service you will allways get an offer for a PLC based solution together with an offer for a conventional 1:1 exchange. Then it is up to you as a customer to decide which one you prefer.

We know that many boiler operators are afraid that the PLC will break and that no emergency repair can be done to it. Therefore a Global Boiler Service control system is allways delivered with the possibillity of running the boiler in emergency mode bypassing the PLC.

New control canbinets from Global Boiler Service are based on Siemens step 7 state of the art technology, and this ensures livelong support and service availabillity. All components used by Global Boiler Service are certified for marine use.

No matter if your need is service on an existing PLC based control system, or you need to do a full exchange, Global Boiler Service is the first choice.