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Low Sulfur Conversion


Global Boiler Service has the solution that suits your boiler plant to fullfill the Marpol demands regarding low sulfur emmission in coast near area. We are building state of the art solutions taking into consideration that you are spending a lot of money on this and the lifetime of the solution must corespond to the expence.

Global Boiler Service  is using only certified piping and electrical components your guarantee that Class approval will be smooth and of minimum interference to your vessel operation. The solution you as our customer can get will be of long lasting quality, and we will take the project all the way through the phases from quotation to final Class approval.

To ensure shortest possible delivery time and efficient project planning Global Boiler Service will visit your vessel to collect all the data needed to base reliable quotations and spares selection.



Global Boiler Service is your preffered partner when it comes to green tech and enviromental optimum solutions.

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