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About Global Boiler Service



Global Boiler Service is a Danish company in the Marine Boiler and Industrial Boiler Service market. We have a very high degree of know how regarding the varying control systems found on new and older boiler plants.

Global Boiler Service was founded by two Danish boiler specialists with an impressing CV from the boiler business worldwide. The fact that Global Boiler Service is owned and operated by two hands on service technicians offers our customers a lot of benefits:

  • We know the problems with boiler control from first hand information.
  • We know how important it is for you that possible delays are not caused by boiler failure.
  • We know the problems which you often face when trying to get instant help due to lack of engineers.
  • We know what to look for when we hire boiler technicians to take care of your investment.
  • A lot of problems can be solved over the phone or mail due to our high level of boiler knowledge.

Global Boiler Service is constantly working on development of new solutions regarding boiler control as we know that a lot can be improved compared to today.

Global Boiler Service is a service company focused on your boiler's control systems and electrical equipment. We are determined to focus on service as our core businees as we are convinced that only the best has a place in the market.

Global Boiler Service is not the biggest player in the market, but we believe that we are one of the best. We are aiming at perfection, and we are convinced that it will bring us to market leader status when it comes to service and developing of boiler control systems.

Dann Hove Andersen & Peter Greve Madsen